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Product Details Glutathione-PDRN-Growth Factors-PEPTIDES

Glutanex-Glow Peptide Solution by Nexus Pharma (Korea) for Mesotherapy by injection or dermapen

For Mesotherapy - Full Face: 2.5CC. Non crosslinked HA-1CC+ Glutanex Glow 1CC+Lidocaine 0.5CC

OR Glutanex Glow 3CC+Lidocaine 0.5CC

For Injections - We Strongly advise that all products be administered by licensed healthcare practitioners that are medical professionals who can administer the treatment for you!

Expiration: 01/ 2025

Glutanex Glow is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that gives an instant glowing effect and rejuvenates the skin. The combination of Glutathione and PDRN brings up the healthy glow from the inner layers, regenerate discoloration and heal wounds

The highly effective ingredients of Glutanex Glow (Glutathione, PDRN, Tranexamic Acid) are aimed at repairing the cause of visual skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scarring, and pigmentation

Dermaroller How to:

1) Cleanse your face thoroughly

2) Apply Glow on each area with the roller and repeat for all desired areas

3) Apply Glutanex Sheet Mask to calm the treated areas

Topical How to:

1) Cleanse your face thoroughly and pad dry

2) Apply 2-3 drops of the GLOW to each sections of your face

3) Tap your skin gently until the GLOW absorbs

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