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Neo-Cain Cream presents a topical anesthetic for skin numbing and reducing painful sensations during a cosmetic procedure. The cream has one of the highest content of lidocaine (10.56%) among similar products for local anesthesia. Due to the high concentration of lidocaine, Neo-Cain Cream ensures smooth and painful injection even for clients with increased sensitivity and low pain threshold. The use of Neo-Cain Cream also reduces the risk of skin injury by a needle or a cannula, which is associated with pore narrowing and vasodilation in response to pain stimuli. With Neo-Cain cream, the risk of post-procedure swelling and bruising, as well as occurrence of other adverse consequences, is now minimized.


Strengths of Neo-Cain Cream:

  • the product is ideal for all types of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures
  • guaranteed anesthetic effect due to high lidocaine content
  • convenient dosage (500 g): enough for a large number of applications
  • reduced risk of skin injury during the procedure as well as post-injection edema, bruises, bleeding and skin irritation

Neo-Cain Cream is used for reducing painful sensations during minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.


Scope of Neo-Cain Cream:

  • local anesthesia prior to injection
  • pain relief in sensitive skin areas

Product composition: Lidocaine, 10.56%; Inactive ingredients


Neo-Cain Cream 500 g

1 × 500 g per pack, white-yellowish cream

Manufacturer: NeoGenesis Co., Ltd., South Korea


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