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Expigment Hydroquinone 4%

Expigment cream, which is an expert on Spot Removal, is mainly used to lighten spots on the surface of the skin.
The active ingredient of the drug is hydroquinone. It helps remove skin or tissue pigments (such as skin, hair, red blood cells, Iris, any substance that darkens the color of the skin as a result of an excessive increase in dark spots). It helps with widespread dark spots on the skin – things such as blackish staining (melasma) and regions of irregular shape and size with dark brown spots on the skin, in the form of the resulting color changes (chloasma), and is used in the treatment of aging.

What is EXPIGMENT and what is it used for?
EXPIGMENT is a product included in a group of drugs called other Dermatologics.
It contains 40mg of hydroquinone per 1 gram as an active substance. Hydroquinone is a skin discoloration agent.
It is available in an aluminum tube containing 30g of cream with its mouth closed with a plastic cover.
Hydroquinone, the active ingredient of expigment, shows its effect by slowing down the production of a substance called melanin, which gives the skin its color. With the reduction of melanin, the darkened skin color returns to its normal color over time.

If you are going to use Expigment cream to lighten or remove your spots, it will be enough to use it 2 times a day. Before using the cream, you should take care that the area is not wet and is completely hygienic (clean). Immediately after applying the cream, rub for at least 2 minutes. For the stain to go away, you should use it regularly for at least 2 months. If there are no noticeable changes in the first 2 months, the use of the cream should be stopped. 

What Is Expigment Used For?
•Removing scars, spots and skin tone unevenness

•Removing dark colors in the temple and cheek area due to aging

•Skin spots caused by excessive increase of pigments in the skin and tissue

•In the spots caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun

•In the removal of acne scars, pits, and skin redness caused by acne

•In lightening closed scars caused by injury

•In lightening burn marks caused by hot water or iron burns

•In removing freckle spots

•In the removal of stitch marks or scars caused by falls

•Removing marks such as scratching, razor cut, nail scars

•For removing stains and blackness

•To bring freshness and vitality to the skin

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