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GOURI is a Collagen Stimulator. As well, fully Solubilized PCL (Polycaprolactone) is the World’s First without containing micro particles. However, it smoothly spreads around in the skin. And also regenerates Natural Skin Collagen.

Benefits of this product are:

  • As well, fully solubilized PCL(Polycaprolactone): world’s unique technology without containing microparticles.
  • In addition, smoothly spreads around in the skin and regenerates natural skin collagen.
  • Also, no need to inject multiple points. No lumps or papules.
  • And also, it makes possible fundamental care for Anti-Aging and Facial Lifting.

How to use?

Indeed, we don’t have multiple injection point. So, after injection some points, it spread naturally and it makes 3D Mesh matrix in the skin. And we can also have the efficacy as REAL ANTIAGING by regenerating natural skin collagen very safely.

Yet, for the best results, 3 sessions are necessary with 2-4 weeks interval. After the 3 sessions, apply additional 1~2 treatments at 3~6 month interval depending on patient’s condition.

However, ingredients of this product are:

  • PCL: A novel dermal filler containing polycaprolactone (PCL) has been introduced into the aesthetic market. In fact, a recently published study has shown that the PCL-based dermal filler induces neocollagenesis. A process associated with improvement in appearance of the skin, in rabbit tissue.
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