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Product Details

Filler dissolver. 1 box of 10 vials / or 1 vial

Exp. 2026.02

Product indicated to remove the hyaluronic acid and granulomas caused by non-permanent dermal fillers. Alternative to Amphadase, Hylenex, Vitrase

The bottle contains 1,500 I.U. of hyaluronidase.

Hyaluronidase infusion is a spreading substance. It is utilized with different prescriptions given under the skin to enhance their uptake by the body. This technique for medication conveyance is just utilized when the medication can’t be given by infusion into a vein. Hyaluronidase infusion is likewise used to build ingestion of liquids or solutions that are infused into your skin. It likewise used to enhance the ingestion of radioactive substances amid a system called subcutaneous urography.


Hyaluronidase is utilized as entering operators as a part of the facility to advance medication ingestion, lessen swelling after surgery or reduce torment after infusion.

How To Use:

“One”: hyaluronic acid soluble enzyme can be said to be the “antidote” of hyaluronic acid! Hyaluronic acid lyase, also known as hyaluronidase or “Hyaluronidase for Injection”, is a kind of enzyme that can hydrolyze hyaluronic acid, and can be used to correct the imperfect effect of overfilling of hyaluronic acid. So from this point of view, the hyaluronic acid is the safest filling material for both doctors and beautiful people. Even if the effect after the injection is different from the expected, there is a regret medicine.

“Two”: Hyaluronidase for Injection – the use of hyaluronic acid enzyme: the concentration of hyaluronic acid enzyme is 1500U, it is usually dissolved in a variety of methods, according to the personal doctor’s preference. The dissolving methods commonly used by experts are as follows: 1500IU (a hyaluronidase) +3ml injection of sodium chloride, divided into 10 branches, can dissolve 10ml hyaluronic acid; the amount of specific injection of the enzyme is injected in accordance with the amount of the hyaluronic acid injection.

“Three” Hyaluronidase for Injection – the contraindication of hyaluronidase: 1, the site of the botulinum toxin injection cannot be injected with hyaluronic enzyme within 48 hours, because the hyaluronidase causes the botulinum toxin to diffuse seriously; 2, avoid some acute chronic diseases and are taking some drugs, especially those with the history of allergy; 3, after injection of hyaluronidase The interval between injections of hyaluronic acid is generally more reliable than normal intervals. If the emergency interval is 72 hours, this is related to the absorption of drugs.

“Four”: (a hyaluronic acid enzyme) +3ml injection of sodium chloride, divided into 10 branches to dissolve the hyaluronic acid that can dissolve 10ml; the amount of specific injection of the enzyme in accordance with the amount of injection of hyaluronic acid injection.

“Five”: the specific ratio method of dissolving enzyme takes a bottle of dissolving enzyme, extracts about 2ml Lido or NS, injections into the bottle, dissolve the dry powder, and put it in cold storage. Each use, use the 1ml syringe to extract 0.2 to 0.3ml dissolved enzyme, hit the 2.5ml syringe, and then add NS to 1ml, so this 1ml soluble enzyme can basically dissolve 1ml’s Rui blue No. 2, but for the products with a high crosslinking degree, the concentration of the dissolved enzyme should be increased, but do not dissolve directly with the original solution and the concentration is too high.

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