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Meso Needles by Natural-Meso.

Tips 33G - 4mm. Each tip is individually sealed.

Box of 100 pcs or 10 pcs out of the box.

Expiry: 2025/11


Mesotherapy Tips are designed for skin booster treatments related to rejuvenation and skin hydration

They are manufactured with the use of laser sharpening technology.

Main Advantages:

  • Made out of high quality steel and sharpened by a laser.
  • Ultra thin walls and maximum sharp angle of cutoff makes it possible for the needle to penetrate into the epidermis easily.
  • Sterile.
  • A short length enables pinpoint accuracy.
  • The shots are painless.
  • Quickly and easily penetrate.

Product Purpose:
Each tip is intended for a single use.

Made in Korea.

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