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Expiration date: 2025/04


Box of 10 vials x 5 ml / 1 vial x 5 ml


MYC1EAR is a skin brightening/whitening solution for treating undesired skin pigmentation and evening the skin tone. The product contains three biomimetic peptides and vitamin C: all of them exert an anti-melanogenic effect by inhibiting the synthesis of tyrosinase. For maximizing the brightening effect, MYC1EAR also includes the “whitening boosting complex XT80” consisting of 34 components (various amino acids and vitamins) that affect melanogenesis by inhibiting tyrosinase and also reducing dopaquinone to DOPA. Another MYC1EAR ingredient, niacinamide, affects skin pigmentation by downregulating the transfer of melanosomes from melanocytes to keratinocytes. Ascorbic acid also shows an antioxidant activity thus fighting skin aging caused by the action of free radicals.


Strengths of MYC1EAR:

  • effective in the treatment of all types of hyperpigmentation: age spots, UV-induced pigmentation, as well as hereditary, post-inflammatory and hormonal hyperpigmentation
  • anti-age effect due to the presence of vitamin C in the composition
  • skin revitalization and deep hydration
  • even skin tone and luminescent appearance as a result
  • the product both reduces the existing one and prevents novel pigmentation

MYC1EAR is used for skin brightening and fighting undesired skin pigmentation.


Scope of MYC1EAR :

  • solar-induced pigmentation, freckles
  • age spots
  • uneven skin tone
  • hyperpigmentation disorders (melasma, ephelides)

Product composition: Oligopeptide-50,Oligopeptide-34, Oligopeptide-51, Whitening boosting complex XT80, Niacinamide, Vitamin C


Manufacturer: NOHTUS Co., Ltd., South Korea

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