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WOW Rose MONO PDO Threads 30G-25mm (20pcs) Korea


Expiriation date:02/23/2024


High quality PDO Treads for Professionals from Korea!

Effect: -Skin rejuvenation and skin firming; Anti-wrinkle

-Local volumizing for wrinkle.


-Forehead wrinkles, Chin, Double chin, Nasolabial fold, Marionette line, Orbital wrinkle, Glabella, Perional lines.

WOW lifting thread is a premium surgical thread optimized for plastic surgery that pulls the tissue firmly by securing the cogs of threads to the subcutaneous tissue. We are consisted of two kinds of threads, cog and mono, made of biodegradable material called PDO (polydioxanone) and PCL(polycaprolactone). It is specially designed are available in a complete range of absorbable materials and configurations.

It also represents the state of the art suspension suture that opens up new treatment options for men and women. WOW Lifting procedure requires no incision sites therefore it does not leave any scar and the patient can return to his/her daily life right after the procedure. The pulling effect of the cogs and stimulating the collagen formation enables natural instant results.

What's the effect of Wow Lifting?

① Semi-permanent effect is guaranteed.
Depending on the person, the effect is maintained for about 1 year, and the WOW lifting does not cause scarring and side effects because the thread slowly melts and decomposes into water. It also works smoothly according to the movement of the muscles and is natural to any movement.

② Since it is a simple procedure that does not require general anesthesia and incision, daily life is possible immediately after surgery.

③ Collagen is formed and elasticity of skin increases.
Skin deflection caused by wrinkles and aging process is improved naturally and quickly. In the lifting procedure for the V-line, you can see that the skin around the mouth is tightened and the jaw becomes more slender.

④ Brighter and smoother skin tone up is possible.
The inserted lifting thread provides the same effect of daily acupuncture treatment and smoothes the blood circulation of the facial muscles and skin. Thus, improving skin tone and maintaining a softer skin.

⑤ You can see the effect of falling fat through fat decomposition.
When the lifting thread is inserted into the fat layer, it stimulates the fat cells for 7 to 15 days, which is very effective in the degradation of fat cells.

* What is a PDO?

Polydioxanone stands for Polydioxanone, a biodegradable synthetic polymer that can be decomposed into water. The hydrolysis period is usually 6-8 months and is excreted mainly by urine. The effect of lifting sagging flesh, as well as stimulating cell regeneration and collagen production around the yarn.

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